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Mar 12, 2010

Sharpie Peace

car, originally uploaded by ohioangurl.

So...say you're driving down some street in Ohio and you see a white care all covered with Peace and Love doodles...drawn in Black Sharpie! Would you smile? We would :)

Ohioangurl took this about six months ago we think, and the Peace of Art wasn't finished yet...but there were about 40 hours of work in it. it done yet?! We see Mario Mushrooms too...and dig the stars...but wonder How Many Peace Signs are on the final project?

Oh, the Peace you can spread with a Black Sharpie and a little imagination!

Send your Black Sharpie Peace pieces to the Flickr One Million Peace Signs photo pool!! How many are out there?!?! Different colored sharpie peace of course welcome too...

Pass it on!

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