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Jan 17, 2008

The Hamsters - Slim

The Hamsters - Slim, originally uploaded by silvergreyhound.

Silvergreyhound sent us the Hamsters, peacing and being peaced...we're winding down for the evening...trying to wean ourselves from the computers. One of us, and I won't say which, dreamed about a Peace Club last nite...the details were lost upon the awakening, but there was indeed cake involved, and lots of tables, and no one wore shoes...there was music too...somewhere. We were all there, and we figure all of you were too, 'cuz the building was filled with people we didn't know, but all were friendly and laughing and having fun.

Maybe the Hamsters were playing.

At any rate, she who dreamed the Peace Club dream realized the necessity of having some downtime inbetween blogging and bedding.

Nighty-night...and peace to all!

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