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Jan 17, 2008

Peace & Love

Peace & Love, originally uploaded by Jonathan!. more and we'll call it a night. I was determined to close tonight's blog with this photo because it gives me a chance to poke us all in the ribs and remind us that Peace can be Fun. Should be fun! Is fun.

We're having fun with this...we're enjoying meeting everyone...we're loving the discussions, encouraged by the way the group grows every day...we're happy that we can provide a vehicle for these One Million Peace Signs...and we're totally humbled by the fantastic and wonderful Photos that all of you are sending in to make this happen!

We started this on a whim...and it's turned into a whammy...not because of our New Year's Eve resolution, but because of each one of YOU, and your photos.

Thanks for believing in this crazy idea, and thanks for having fun with us!

zoey et al

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