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Jan 18, 2008


Peace, originally uploaded by Steve Crane.

There are some low flat-roofed buildings along our local beach and this girl and two friends were lying on top of one as I walked past. I don't know if it was the camera that was making them laugh but they were laughing and giggling. When I pointed the camera at this one her face really lit up and she made the peace sign. I hope she might see this photo some day as she seemed to get a big kick out of me taking it.

We say: We hope she sees it here ! Thanks Steve Crane, for sharing this one with us...we like to start the mornings with Peace that Smiles...logged on today, and there you were, or there she was, smiling and peacing. Welcome to the One Million Peace Signs Project!
And if this is you, and you trip across this, let Steve know ;)
Peace, with an extra shot of espresso,

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