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Feb 5, 2008

03/22/03 I'm not alone

from paulinacha:
I was in a hurry when I made this sign. I had just gotten off work, if I recall. Kiff had to work that day and was unable to make it to the protest. Note that my sign and the other sign have the same message. Taken at the bandstand in Battery Park, in Burlington, Vermont, during the protest to the U.S. being in Iraq after Shock and Awe.

from zoey:
Ending Super Tuesday with this pic...asking for peace...and using "please" too :) May we all have our little worlds and in our big worlds, and may we pass it on and pass it out and swim in it and run thru it and wiggle our toes in it and drink it and laugh it and share it and watch it spread and flow...and then may we get up and do it all again!

PEACE to everyone reading this!

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