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Feb 5, 2008


coryne.peace., originally uploaded by samjeet!.

Hi Coryne C.the model!
Hi samjeet the photog!
Runtscal found you...hi runtscal :)
Zoey has finished her pasta and is blogging you...hi from zoey to all...and Peace :)

Well, we've hit 4,000 photos, and then some. A huge thanks to all the folks that I have not had a chance to personally greet and thank and welcome!! The project gets bigger every single day, and my time seems to get smaller!! But I DO thank you! We ALL do! Here at the ranch, and all our Peace CA, TX, FL, Philipines, UK, VA, ME...I guess I could list every state and way more countries than I did...if I didn't list yours I apologize!!! We are in awe of all of you, and each of you...and amazed...and inspired! THANK YOU...take that and peace it on!!!

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