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Feb 27, 2008

7-14-21 Peace...

7-14-21, originally uploaded by broox.

I found him...broox that is...he is cool. This isn't him; we're thinking he's behind the camera on this one and we recognize 7-14-21 as a dice game I believe, which can involve drinking. So anywayz...I was out prosteletyzing for peace and found one of broox's Peace totally unlike this one...and I loved it. I asked him to Join the OMPS Cult and to bring his peace pix along...I was rewarded handsomely with a passle of peace pix...I chose this one really for the expression on the face of the lady in pink back there under the dart board. We imagine the conversation at that table and we smile :)

Yeah, you'll be seeing more broox in these here parts...

Taking Full Credit for Finding Broox


  1. best part about the people in the background....

    they're the parents of my buddy's fiance. that buddy is also at our table playing the dice drinking game.

  2. I'm the guy in this picture. Broox is a pretty cool dude, people need to check out his spot.


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