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Feb 27, 2008

Maui Volcano Peace II

Maui Volcano Peace II, originally uploaded by Boris Kafka.

OK Peace People...we found Boris. He has this fantastic set of Peace Pix that he's been collecting for a few years, and he's adding them all to OMPS. This one is Maui Volcano Peace....and having never seen a volcano, I'm not sure that I'd find it "peaceful"...I'm of the Gilligan's Island mentality that volcanoes are big and bad...

Stay tuned for lots more Boris. He travels all around...poking his camera into exotic places all over the globe...we're hoping he sends us Peace Pix from everywhere he goes :)

Maybe we need a "Where's Boris?" game...whadd'ya think? Would anyone have guessed Maui for this one? The next time I post a Boris pic I'm gonna make you guess...

Welcome Boris! Peace! Lots of it!
zoey et al

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