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Feb 25, 2008


call_congress-1130185, originally uploaded by beachblogger42.

call your representative and senators with these toll free numbers:

877 851-6437
866 338-1015
866 340-9281
800 614-2803

find your representative: click here
find your senator: click here

call 'em up just to talk or give them a 'peace' of your mind!


  1. Yea!
    BOY BLOG!!! :)

    I say that smiling, smiling, smiling, to welcome beachblogger42, the the Pack o' Bloggers making this thing happen. He's the first Male Voice here, but you've seen his Peace Pix all over the blog before now...and maybe you got a dollar bill sometime, somewhere with a dove on it...or a peace sign....,well it may have come from HIS WEBSTORE check it out! Yeah, we've got 'em circulating here in the canyon and everyone knows who started passing it on...I encourage you to do the feels REALLY GOOD to Pass Peace you can buy stuff with...
    Welcome Beachblogger!

  2. Great resource. We should all speed dial these into our cell phones and call them when we're waiting in line at the bank or the atm to get extra money to fill the gas tank. This blog and your websites are sure great to see. Thank you.


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