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Feb 24, 2008


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What??!! More Peace graffiti. It's in the minds, hearts and hands of people..popping up on walls, window, photos and Brooklyn, NY.

This seems to have become my theme as of late. I just love when people fill public space with positive, thought provoking messages....
Like SImon and Garfunkel say, ""The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.."


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  1. Public Space...yeah...I had a GREAT interviw with Tom Berry...he's a combo Peace Hero/Peace Artist...who fills Public Spaces in Madison, WI with Peace..and he spreads it other ways too...soon as I get that written up I'll put on on Peace Heros AND Peace Artists Pages...yes, I'm about to start asking for Peace ARtist contributions folks...and no, I haven't forgotten that I'm still asking for Peace Heros...and some are on their way...right? :)

    Thanks for swapping Songs of Silence for Kumbuya in my head, at least was a Summer Camp Song too. We were so darn progressive and didn't even know it...


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!