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Feb 9, 2008

Day 39 Reject.

Day 39 Reject., originally uploaded by cortnie dee..

cortnie dee says "Taken with the million peace sign group in mind :)"

this is a striking shot
not a reject :)


blogged as part of the 'hotash mini saturday theme'
peace in the shadows :)


  1. :)
    Thank you! Ha.

    I love the million peace picture group, and blog.



  2. Hi Cortniedee! How cool is THAT...that you took this photo with OMPS in mind!!! That means, to my narcisistic self, that we're in some small way CAUSING Peace to happen...ain't that just the best?!? It's a great shot! THANKS and Peace!
    AND HOTASH...I stepped on your miniSaturday theme ONLY because I didn't look at the blog before I blogged...I blogged before I leapt or something like continue on! I just went to cruise the photos inbetween Stuff and saw this Peace Child and well, just blogged her...she made it thru a week of Big School!!! Anyway...carry on...I love to read Hotash Blog!!!


One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!