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Feb 9, 2008

Peace Child

Peace Child, originally uploaded by jar67.

Jar67 explaings:
"Allana is so glad she made it through her 1st week of big school!"

We love Peace Children :) And Peace Parents too of course...and Peace People in general...but there's just something extra cool and groovy about a little kid flashing the Peace Sign! We assume of course that somewhere, sometime, they asked a Grown Up (a Peace Grown Up) what it means, and what peace means, and all that...and then the Perfect Peace Grown Up told them a wonderful story that they'll carry with them and pass on to a Peace Child who asks THEM about Peace when THEY'RE a Peace Grown Up...and so it goes :)
Thanks for sharing your Peace Child(ren) with us Jar67!!
They're sure passing it on, and we pass it on back to them!
zoey et al

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