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Feb 25, 2008

Fallen Soldier

Fallen Soldier COLOR, originally uploaded by Vince Brown (attila).

This one in from Vince Brown:
"Veterans Day, 2007. The military recognition for a fallen soldier. Helmet, Gun, Boots. The flowers were a nice touch. This photo was taken at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA the day before Veterans Day."

This photo is available for print in his deviantART Shop...go check it out!

This from Zoey:
I searched around the pool for a Peace Pic that had something about the 2008 election, specifically, Ralph Nader's entry into the race...well, there weren't any Peace Photos about Nader so I picked this one to announce that the I of we thinks Nader is a pompous ass.

I'll probably tick some people off. I can take it.

Yeah, it'd be great to have more than 2 parties, but this particular election is too important to cast a vote symbolically. This is one we have to win. We the Thinkers. We the Liberals. We the Peace People.

Nader isn't the guy who's going to bring Peace. He's the guy who tells you that your car is a piece of crap. That's great. He's NOT the guy who should be running the country.

And since we're now averaging over 5,000 hits a day, I just wanted 5,000 people to read that I think Nader is a pompous ass.

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  1. Have you seen An Unreasonable Man? Even if you really dislike him-it's an inspiring video and shows BOTH sides to the Nader controversy. There are a lot of Nader haters out there.
    Sure, you can think he is a pompous ass, thats fine. But, he accomplished a list of things that would be any President's wet dream. Sure, his start was with the automobile industry, but he organized thousands of students and passed tons of legislation to protect us as consumers. Let's see: Safe Water DRinking ACt, Freedom of Information Act, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United States Environmental Agency (EPA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission. If Nader was a product tag like, for instance, Kleenex or Coca-Cola-you would be shocked by the amount of places Nader would show up. Not just your car. Your air, your water, cigarette packaging, on and on.
    He is a brilliant man and has actually dedicated his life to improving America, in the interest only of the public.
    He's not in it for legacy-he actually had a legacy that is now being destroyed quickly by those who hate him because of Pres. runs.
    I think he would bring us to Peace-because he has proven over and over that he cares for the public citizen. Time and time again he has taken on big multi national corporations-quite successfully. He's not full of shit like every candidate up now. Not saying he has my vote, not yet at least. But he's better than just some guy "who tells us our car is a piece of crap."
    He's kept people from dying at the hands of greedy corporations-something we VERY MUCH need in our government RIGHT NOW.
    Um, ya An Unreasonable Man, good movie.

  2. Well...I have to admit I felt a little bad after I posted that...but I still think he's a pompous ass.
    He has no chance of being president. None. Less than Huckabee, who has Miracles on his side.
    Nader has done great things, fantastic things, but if he crashes this election he'll be remembered for THAT. Period.
    We've proven (as a nation) that we can Select (via unsigned Supreme Court decision that can never be used as a precedent) and then Elect a man who is NOT FIT to be President. Yes, in the US "anyone" can indeed become president...let Nader go do what he does well, he doesn't need to put whipped cream on his career.
    And I disagree that he's not doing it as whipped cream on his legacy...that's why I think he's a pompous ass. You have to be an egomaniac to run for prez in the first place, that's a given...but at least some of them are qualified.

    I was feeling bad that I posted that about him but I don't anymore because there ARE people who would have voted for the Democratic Candidate (probably Obama) but who will vote for Nader instead.
    I find that unconscionable...did I spell that right? I didn't want to swear...
    I've seen An Unreasonable Man--it lays out his accomplishments, it's great PR, and it even made me wonder (but just for a minute or so) if he actually could run the country. I don't think he's the guy, and I KNOW he doesn't have a snowball's chance in AZ of beating McCain. And basically, that's all that matters this time around.
    But I's a movie people should see, and talk about.


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