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Feb 9, 2008

large wheat pastes

Yo Peacers!
We're workin' on the website, but in lulls between I cruise flickr and look for Peace Pics in likely (and unlikely) groups...been inviting folks to add photos and join up in our Peaceful Please for's cool to go to the Pool and see that quite a few new People are happily swimming there :) Thanks to all the rest of you who do this too...I'm just one...and I've been slackin' on that!! I want 2,000 members by Feb. 29 tho...and it looks like we'll hit 1,500 today...yea!

Peace to all...I'm blogging this photo 'cuz it showed up a couple of times in my poking about...which is always nice...makes you feel at home and all...

Hope everyone is having a PeaceFull Saturday!
The et als are working on other stuff but I'm sure they send Peace as well...

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