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Feb 5, 2008

Peace collage by Kimbina

collage1, originally uploaded by Kimbina.

Says Kimbina:
I'm a technical writer by day and crafter by night. I love color! I've been into sewing, photography, polymer clay, beading, and all kinds of crafts for several years. I have two Etsy shops:

And my own website:

Please check it out and say hi. Thanks for visiting. :)

Says we: Maybe you should dump your Day do great stuff! Hope you'll stay tuned, and add some work to the Peace Sells page on when it's ready!
Zoey et al


  1. awesome idea
    'peace sells'
    love it, and this would be an awesome add - kimbina's work is fantastic!!!

  2. Please tell me how can I take pictures of peace and set it as my destop picture...


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