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Feb 5, 2008

peaceful family

peaceful family, originally uploaded by ktdl03.

From ktdl03:
"whay can I say? i was raised by true hippies!
this is my dad, sister and mom all supporting Kelly w/our tshirts. She was questioned about her t-shirt (not nicely). her response..."would you rather i wear a shirt that says "war" "blood" "Guns" or "terror"? Well said Kel!

Not only does this promote PEACE, but my parents-on left and right of my sister and I, have been divorced for 26 years. We are pictured here on our annual family vacation in NC. All of us-together for the sake of the kids and grandkids...Now, that's PEACE!"

From Us: Makes sense to us...Peace within, Peace within Families, Peace within Families between States and Countries and Continents...anyone wanna go for Peace Within Universes, or Galaxies or something? Heck...we'll go for that too!
THANKS for adding this to the project! And welcome to the Peace Family!!!


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