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Feb 22, 2008

Peace, Love, Music, HIGHWAY! HIGHWAY!

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It's with this highly irresponsible peace-sign flash that I introduce myself as a new poster here at One Million Peace Signs.

Sure, I'm on the highway, clearly with a passenger, and my line of vision is nowhere near the road ... but look! My nails are done.

I'm truly psyched to have the chance to write for this hip blog, and to help spread the peace and love vibe. A little about me ... I grew up in a surfin' town on Cape Cod. I identify as a writer and a musician, but I haven't been paid to do the latter in about six years, so make your own decision. My Real Job is as a writer for a business magazine, and I also freelance in travel, culture, and the arts. It's a great gig; you can read about it here if you want.

In my free time, I listen to music, pop wine corks with my friends, run, photograph, cook, and kayak -- my 11.5 Acadia Perception has a peace flag on the back:

I love all things vintage, and if I'm not shopping, I'm finding new ways to make old things cool in my house.

Take, for instance, the silver peace pendant on a black cord I've had since high school ... I just found a new spot for it on the corner of a mirror. When I hung it, I remembered a moment from my past -- I was in Boston with friends, attending a performance at the Berklee School of Music. I had a great green dress on, and as an after-thought, I'd thrown my peace sign on.

One friend noticed it and said, "Haven't seen a peace necklace in a while ... it's kinda five years ago, no?"

I, however, don't think peace, nor the sign, ever goes out of style, but I'll nix 'form over function' and the debates thereon the next time I'm on the I-91. No worries.

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  1. Welcome! It's SO COOL to go to the blog and see what all of the New Bloggers are Blogging!!! I just GRIN!!! A thank you atta' girl to you all...(and when the boys start writing I'll ungender that...)

    I started wearing a (tasteful) silver peace sign on the Night of Shock and Awe and said I'd wear it 'till this thing is over...2 nice silver chains later, it's currently on a kinda nasty leather cord.

    I just visited your blog again...and I must say that I think it's very grown-up to own your own chafing dishes...I don't think I"m quite up for it yet...
    Still grinning :)


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