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Feb 22, 2008

Where Have All the Protest Songs Gone?

That's what I wanna know! And I think it'd make a great New Yorker article...but I think everything would make a great New Yorker article...or Rolling Stone...maybe Rolling Stone...

For those of us who missed all the great protest tunes and tuners of the 60's, or caught up with it all way later, we'd like our own Peace Music! We have the War for it...and the Hate...and the Intolerance. Surely there should be some good notes coming out of it all.

betmo got me thinking about US Peace Songs...and I come up with good anti-war artists...James McMurtrey is a super is Steve Earle...Neil Young...and any and all remakes of "Peace Train"...yes, the Cat Stevens version too. But PEACE songs...where are they? I've still got Kumbuya in my head.

This pic has me thinking that like lots of other Good Things, US Peace Songs may have gone across the ocean...and that's fine..I'm a One World kind o' gal...your song is my song and all that

dereck von calls this Photo:
"Love, Peace and Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music"
artist: various artists
title: Love, Peace and Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music
label: Normal
country: Germany
date: probably 2000
Incredibly great and obscure tracks by the likes of Erkin Koray, Hur-El, Confusions and much more.

"Wild Horses" in my ears, "Kumbuya" in my heart

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