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Feb 26, 2008


Peace, originally uploaded by Robert Whitlock.

Peace flag in motion.

Here are some peace heroes to me:

flicker set, cick here

Robert says: "Peace activists in Olympia Washington came together in November of 2007 in an attempt to prevent the use of the municipal Port of Olympia to enable the illegal and immoral aggressive and belligerent war of occupation in Iraq.

"I participated in the actions, I submitted to arrest during a civil resistance road block. Several road blocks were effective in delaying the transport of military cargoes via the port.

"I believe that with more people, human blockades could and would be successful in completely preventing military cargoes via the port.

"I will continue to resist the unjust and improper war of occupation. I will continue to oppose the use of the municipal Port of Olympia as an enabler of military aggression.

"Please join PMR. Next time, we can be more successful in effectively preventing our own complicity. But we need each other."

For more information: click here

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