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Feb 26, 2008


PEACE, originally uploaded by philippinepeace.signs.

Photo: Audrey Rojo [Friendster]

Woke up a little groggy, bit of a scratchy throat maybe, coffee taste quite right, and the first thing I had to deal with was a Phone Bill Question, (need an encrypted code that no one can break? Call Qwest)...
Sitting on hold for 7 minutes I decided to get a blog up on OMPS, so I went cruising the peace pix...and after about 2 minutes I wasn't nearly as cranky as I thought I was...after 5 minutes I was smiling, and when the Phone Bill Guy finally came on line I was downright cheery. Told him about OMPS. He says he's gonna check it out.

Hi Phone Bill Guy! Thanks for your help!

I picked this photo 'cuz there's just something about Group Peace Shots that gets me right in the heart :)

Peace...pass it on in groups, and give some to your Phone Bill Guy...they're people too.


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