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Feb 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by daiseykat
I seem to be covering the graffiti theme....

This is one hip photo, so hip it could be an album cover-wait, IT IS.
This is Lady Daisey and actually, the photo MIGHT be the album cover. It's not definite yet. Then again, this is just info that I glean from flickr notes.

Lady Daisey-your Peace photo is pretty. What is your music like? I looked online for it and couldn't find any.

Well, here and OMPS we're letting you know what likeminded Peacers are up to-in this case-wearing funky cool dresses, making music and bringing the Peace!


  1. wow! thank you!! we decided to go with a different picture from that same photoshoot for the album cover. :) you can hear my music at - PEACE!!!


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