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Feb 26, 2008

Give a Hand for Peace Hero number 2, Oscar Schindler

Joe McCuaig gave us permission to publish this photo with our second Peace Hero piece on Audrey Stallings, his 3-year old grandaughter contributed the hands. Joe says it was a collaborative event. We figure Audrey just had a blast getting gooey with the paint :)
The photo accompanies a Peace Heroes story on Oscar and Emilie Schindler, written by Jacob Orman especially for OMPS. Thanks Jacob!
We figure it's time to rent "Schindler's List" again!
Got a Peace Hero? Do him (or her) an honor...write it down and send it in. Got a photo? Send that too...or we'll go look around the 8,000 or so Peace Sign Photos we have here on OMPS and we'll surprise you with one that goes with your story.

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