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Feb 23, 2008


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Yes, We Will. Yes, We Are. Yes, Peace, Please.

Ya know, last summer when I decided to make the epic Peace ride, the idea of Peace appealed to me more than the actual sign. I found myself hesitant to put Peace signs all over everything. Why? Maybe because the Peace sign has a lot of "poppy fluff" associated with it.
But, it's not a trend. It's a simple symbol that represents a really difficult concept. While my actions were Peace driven, (bad pun) I didn't have a lot of "Peace gear." At least, not at the beginning of the ride....but by the end...I sure did...thanks to all for all the kind gifts.

This website inspires me, it's cool to help out with such a wonderful space. I see all these pictures of the sign itself, and I gotta say, it's growing on me like never before.

This one here...I want to lick it...Peace pops! Go on, look at it, it looks like a big sucker, the kind you would pulll on your parents leg to get. "C'mon moooooom, buy it for me." If that were a sucker, I would need some friends to share it with!


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