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Mar 20, 2008

Bad Bush

Bad Bush
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Last night I took a photo for my friend-to show off my shirt.
I wish I had more than one of them-this one was purchased in September 2004, in Chinatown, NYC.
It provokes more smiles than it does anger. I actually wore it to work yesterday, my boss is Republican, and said
"If there is any day I get to wear this to work, it is today."
"What's today?"
"The fifth year anniversary of deciding to go to war, suffer our soldiers, murder civilians, drain our budget, and ruin our international relationships- just to get started......"
"Not such a Happy Anniversary, is it?"

1 comment:

  1. Wow.
    That first wow is "your boss is a Republican?" :)

    The other Wow is yeah...5 years. If you're 10 yrs old half your life has been lived while your country was at war. Somehow that really hits me more than say, "if you're 20, you can't drink a beer legally, but a quarter of your life your country has been at war"...

    I like the shirt :)


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