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Mar 20, 2008

Peace Flag

L1100930.JPG, originally uploaded by davitydave.

With the 5th anniversary of the US attack on Iraq, I figured there'd be quite a few new Peace Photos out on flickr...and I was right! I invited a bunch o' folks...and I hope they'll join the OMPS group, add their pix, and pass it on...and on...and on.

Digital Pix are so cool...guess I don't have to tell flickr folks that...we can have the moments, and we can have a record of them. Heck, we can have a dozen different records and toss out the ones we don't like! That means that every Peace Event that took place yesterday can happen over again when we pass on the record...the photos.

Every photo can start a discussion...a dialogue.

Maybe out of every 100 discussions we get x amount more "peace"...I dunno...I guess I'm trying to quantify it. It really doesn't matter...every time we have a photo of Peace...a Peace Sign...and we talk about it...we're spreading the peace.

That's pretty awesome. Peace.
Thanks davitydave! He was in SF doing his peace thing, and we thank him for it! A round of applause for everyone who did a Peace Thing yesterday...or took a pic of it...or said a prayer for peace.

(who as a rule never tries to quantify anything bc she's got numberphobia on top of everything else...)

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