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Mar 30, 2008

Green Peace

Green Peace, originally uploaded by jasmyne.rose.

Happy Sunday and Green Peace to all!
Wouldn't it be nifty to have some Grapher Type Math-y person do some sort of chart on Peace Sign Frequency over the past three decades? Seems like there'd be lots at the beginningish...1967, still quite a few 8 years later or so, then maybe a tapering off? When did it pick up again? And now here we are raising the bar to One Million In One Place At One Time, and from the hits to the website and the blog 'people" are noticing...many of them are quick stops...just "picture checks" we figure...but the numbers keep going up, and there are lots of people who poke around the site and stay awhile...I don't have the's on my list...but the 'Checking out OMPS" group, even if it's for a minute is averaging so close to 8,000 a day that I'm tempted to say 8,000 but it's actually 7,989 a day average so dang it I can't.
Anyway...Green Peace to all and Welcome to jasmyne.rose who sent in some great photos of what went on in Denton. That's another WOW about OMPS...we're photo-documenting the fact that we all want peace and we're willing to say so in pictures.
Long live the revolution..

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One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!