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Mar 30, 2008

the sign was torn down 30 minutes later...forget peace promotion

No iidioteque! We just gotta promote Peace differently :) No one can take anything down off of so we're gonna just keep on adding at a time...and we thank you for adding yours.

We're glad you jumped on board the project...with your NON Digital camera!! We admire :)

Thanks for adding this I see another Peace Sign Pic in your pool? Hmmm....

Pass it on!

PS I think there must be some correlation between Coffee and Peace People...does it seem to anyone else that we have a high percentage of people who work with coffee? As in Coffee Artists as well as those of us who just Work With Coffee constantly in our systems...maybe everyone should drink more coffee and we'd have more peace...
Just thinking...on my way for a decaf this time...'tis lateish...

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