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Mar 13, 2008

Peace of wall

Peace of wall
Originally uploaded by Luke Stearns
Luke says
"A small remnant of the berlin wall
Well, finally uploading stuff from Berlin (here's the set and slideshow. I may or may not upload Scotland pics tonight too. I'll have to see... Hopefully I'll start catching up on all my contacts - I'm WAY behind again, sorry! "

And I wonder, who is Luke? Is he on a big adventure?
Tell us Luke, where does one drink good coffee in Berlin?

Seriously though, and not just related to my need for coffee right now...
A Peace sign on the remaining Berlin Wall. This is a very POWERFUL photo. A wall that established control and its only purpose was to divide.....
This Peace sign is like a phoenix, eh?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks "Speak Your Peace" (a bit delayed...) Glad you liked it. I'm sure these were probably rhetorical, but I'm an architecture student traveling around Europe at the moment. Didn't spend enough time there to figure out where to get the best coffee, though I had a few good ones :)
    About the phoenix, I agree... rising up out of the ashes and rubble of a brutal wall.


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