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Apr 11, 2008

Jim Ladd of 95.5 KLOS-fm and Billy Sherwood of YES

Thursday night, April 10th, 2008, Jim Ladd of 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles and former guitarist of Yes, current member of Circa; Billy Sherwood joined forces and held a primer screening of their new album titled, Headsets-Chapter One "Alone Out Here" at the Arc light Cinema Dome in the heart of Hollywood, California.

The night started off around 7pm with a large gathering of Jim Ladd tribe members and lucky listeners who won themselves an unforgettable night. Smiles flooded the theater as everybody had already been acquainted with each other in a warm familiar way. The diversity was unimaginable and nobody was left as stranger.

As everyone took their seats inside the theater, non-stop cheering and applause echoed the room with hysteria. Members of KLOS staff and on-air personnel, such as Cynthia Fox and Uncle Joe Benson, were introduced as Jim Ladd and Billy Sherwood stole the spotlight.

They both took center stage to discuss the making of the album and the film project produced and directed by Art Gasm. Before the film started, an unexpected short clip began in Billy Bob Thornton’s absence. He congratulated Jim and Billy on their wonderful performance on the album and was sorry he couldn’t attend. He was asked to sing a cover song, originally performed by The Rolling Stones in 1967, called "2,000 Light Years From Home." It is track 15 on the "Chapter One" finished record.

Once the film commenced, cheers of excitement waved through the audience one more time. The track list corresponded with different previously recorded film clips from all over the world and lasted about 45 minutes. It was truly an exploration of the mind. It made you think about the impossible and what the future may hold. It was a journey of oneself through the exploration of time and space. It made you want to connect with every human being within your surroundings and made your mind feel at ease. The guitars eclectic tablature and insightful lyrics sent chills down my spine.

The complete track list:

1. Remnants Of Creation (Part I)
2. The Launch
3. We Are Sailors
4. Reaching For The Stars
5. Sons Of Our Suns
6. The Mission
7. The Lonesome Trail
8. Finding Our Way
9. Universal Garden
10. The Family Business
11. Alone Out Here
12. Systems Failure
13. Reflections
14, Message From Home
15. 2,000 Light Years From Home
16. Perspective
17. Melancholy Deity
18. Remnants Of Creation (part II)
19. One World Going Round

To wrap up the event, Jim Ladd and Billy Sherwood were kind enough to sign autographs, take pictures and answer any questions the audience had. They were very gracious to flash One Million Peace Signs the two fingers!

Thank you guys!!

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Billy Sherwood:

For more information on Headsets Chapter One "Alone out Here"


-Felicha Bogroff

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  1. Great links on this blog and this is a great entry on LA news that I didn't even know.I found out about 1,000,000 Peace signs on the radio but just found this blog. Great peace to you all.


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