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Apr 12, 2008

TOC Peace Gang

TOC Peace, originally uploaded by purple_onion.

the coolest guy! and Felicha too!

peace, peter


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  2. this was last nights "Theme of Consciousness" party for Jim Ladd(KLOS) and we were brodcasted over the radio live around 10pm hooting and hollering!!

    We want everyone to gather together and join our tribe!

    We are all gathering for he smer of love in San Francisco June 6th to make a statement. We will be renting a hotel room on ashbury and haight..opening up the windows and blasting our freeform rock music!


    if anyone is interested in more info my email if


  3. Great job, great update on the LA peace scene. wouldn't it be great if everyone saw this and heard this and spread peace? Great blog, great photos, great peace.


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