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Jul 23, 2008

Peace by Night Light

Originally uploaded by ArcherVision
ArcherVision took this photo in our little three-season porch the other night, while we were enjoying a few Coronas with our friend Justine.

I think the little paper lanterns behind me make it look like I'm in another universe... a quiet, peaceful universe.


  1. We all need to find a place for peaceful, quiet times.
    Todd in Santa Fe

  2. The Naughty Boy

    There was a naughty boy,

    And a naughty boy was he,

    He ran away to Scotland

    The people for to see

    Then he found
    That the ground

    Was as hard,

    That a yard

    Was as long,

    That a song

    Was as merry,

    That a cherry

    Was as red,

    That lead

    Was as weighty,

    That fourscore

    Was as eighty,

    That a door

    Was as wooden

    As in England
    So he stood in his shoes

    And he wonder'd;

    He stood in his shoes

    And he wonder'd.

    -----by aoc gold


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