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Aug 22, 2008

JOIN ARABAD SWIND theis Sunday 24@La Voile - Rmeyleh 6PM

Hello and welcome to one of those in-between emails that’s less a
newsletter and more a tacit acknowledgement that we’re getting
closer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a symbol. Yes, let’s all
get together for the birthday of a sign, the Peace sign that is!

This is a warm, gentle, caring mind-where-you-go kind of reminder.
So, the point about this reminder is to remind you about this:

By now, pretty much everyone is familiar with ArabAd Peace poster
design contest.

Now, is the Shift, the Big Issue, The Unveiling of creativity, Peace

ArabAd is on to stimulate you senses and break new grounds @ La Voile
Rmeyleh for The Peace Swing Event - Sunday August 24th - 6PM ongoing.

This all-poster exhibit show now contains a grand total of 100+ works
sent out from every corner of the Middle East, to give Peace a dance
for the 50th anniversary of its sign.
It promises to be a one-of-a kind swing and an amazing celebration
night where the Art of Communication will be hooping BIG time, Peace

As for the rest, Imagine all the people…The colours, the Peace in
the great outdoors…

So come along, bring your family and loved ones -- The Communication
Zone will make it a SWING hard to forget.

See you there, Peace Works my fellow friends, let’s Twist, let’s
Swing!! Let’s Dance…for Peace’s sake!!

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One Million Peace Signs on YouTube!