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Jan 10, 2009

Peace {1/365}

Peace {1/365}, originally uploaded by Victoria Maxey.

Victoria's wish for the world on the first of her 365 days of self portraits...nice way to start!

She calls it "Progressive Grafitti"....sigh...she's right of course, but wow, ain't it sad that Peace is "progressive" and not just status quo like it shoulda oughta be?

Who knows...a lot of folks will see this photo as part of One Million Peace Signs...maybe a few of them will go out and take a Peace Self Portrait and pass it on...cuz so it goes.

Thanks for this addition to the project and the process of OMPS!



  1. Great photo!! Love the idea of Peace Self Portraits . . . . gonna work on that!! Would be fun to see pics of everyone!
    Have a fabulous week, Z.

  2. I like your photos. thanks for stopping by my blog.


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