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Jan 9, 2009

we're stars!!! :)

we're stars!!! :), originally uploaded by *§arah*.

Staygraphic found this piece of Peace and steered it over to the OMPS group...we're hoping Sarah with the funky S thingee (how'd she do that?) sends more Peace down the OMPS stream...

Hmmm....we're analyzing and thinking three people, and a fourth took the pic? Or three people and one person precariously perched the camera and snapped with one hand while being a part of the star? Or maybe it was a slumpber party and there were, like, six or ten people coming up with Peace was summer...mid that a grill?

Oh what the heck. It's Peace. It's Stars. It's one more Peace Sign closer to A Million...

Thanks to all who brought it here, every single one of you !

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