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Jan 7, 2009

purple hair peace gang at Hot Mama's

purple hair!, originally uploaded by K·FREE.

Oh the wild and crazy things we can do for Peace now that our carry-along telephones also take photos!!! Who'da thunk? Remember those bag phones? Jeeesh...
Well, the guys at Hot Mama's (we're thinking DC but we don't know for sure...where are you boys?) send Peace thru the blogosphere (I hate that word..."blogosphere"...did I even spell it right?).
We at One Million Peace Signs grab it and pass it back on through the ether...reach out and touch it...rub it all over your tummy...scratch yer dog's ears and give her some Peace...send a link to your elderly aunt who voted for Peace this time around...maybe her first time as a Democrat...whatever...take the Purple Hair Peace from the Hot Mama's guys and make it permeate all the 'speres...
And then take a pic of someone close to you with your camera...some wild, crazy Peace Sign photo...and add it to the flickr One Million Peace Signs group...and look for it to (maybe!) appear here on the OMPS blog...and we'll go thru the whole "rub your tummy with peace and pass it on" motions again...hey...if everyone in the world stopped for a sec to rub their tummies with Peace, using both hands mind you...everyone in the world would have to drop their guns for that one sec!
Oh c'mon...willing suspension of disbelief COULD happen...try it...
(rubbing tummy)

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