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Feb 16, 2009

Freezing for Peace, February 2003

Hey, we know Freezing For Peace quite well :) Not this particular Freeze, but just in general. Downtown Laramie (yep, Wyoming) has a handful of really dedicated Peace People who stand on the corner of 3rd and Grand every single Friday, rain or shine or snow or ice or Cheney visit to UW (just two blocks down Grand). They hold up signs "Honk for Peace" and God Bless 'em, some of the folks honk their hearts out. It's Heart-Warming :)
Thanks ChrisGoldNY...for adding your photo to the OMPS pool, and for reminding us that Peace isn't always Warm and Fuzzy...sometimes it's just plain Cold!'s an ongoing thing...These people were freezing for peace SIX YEARS AGO...anyone know where they are now?


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