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Feb 16, 2009

peace scan!

peace scan!, originally uploaded by sarahrahh..

Ah! I was done for the day, Peace Wise...settling down to give Tank a good brushing...Tank is the Pyranees for Peace pooch...wondering if I dared pour a wee glass of wine...would I spill it in a brushing frenzy, or end up with silky white hairs in it...and I'm cruising for Peace as I'm contemplating all this...doing six invites I was...six invites to OMPS...and I found this photo...already a part of the pool...and I just liked it...the all of I'm closing with "peace scan" today...and now off to spend quality time with Tank.
Peace to all this President's Day!

Welcome to the new OMPS Blog Follower! That just sets my heart a thumpin', no kidding, when I see that we have another follower :) More responsibility...but I can handle it...I can handle it...

I'm on my way Tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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