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Feb 2, 2009

Peace Filled Coffee Sputters All Over My Keyboard

, originally uploaded by MereBemps.

So there I was, peacefully going thru the fantastic peace photos that turn up like magic, overnight on One Million Peace Signs flickr group...they're little magic mushrooms that aren't there when I go to bed and are there when I wake up my sleeping computer...great photos!
Coffee cup to lips, I see this one and literally sputter all over my keyboard :) Coffee with creme no less, so kindy messy-sticky...but well worth it...what an excellent way to start the day...A mug o' coffiee, little bit o' peace, and a giggle big enough to sputter said coffee.
Thank you for this MereBemps!
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  1. This is MereBemps! hahaha I'm so happy this photo added to your day:) I'm glad my photography can make people smile. That made my day!

  2. Oh I absolutly love this photo!! Peace will always make me smile, but something about this picture makes think I'll be grinning for a while today. :)

    Thanks so much, I love the blog.


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