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Feb 4, 2009

resolve IF 01.02.09

resolve IF 01.02.09, originally uploaded by LonesomeRoadStudio.

This is a Grabber...grabs you...gets you...ok, well just look into these eyes and think peace.

In my world I call this one "Peace in the Eye of the Beholder"...but I like "If" too :) And I love the Olive Eye with the heart pimento ! Thanks for this fantasic photo.

Here's the scoop for anyone who's following the "Can Zoey Blog One a Day For How Long?" question. I made it six days I think, then yesterday was a bust. So I begin I will likely begin again, again...but for now I'm back at it and starting with this one!

We've got new Groupies too!! I love that! Still looking for some more Committed and committable is ok too, bloggers, to join me on this blogging journey...there are a gazillion great peace photos in the pool..well, close to 10,000, so it's really really easy, and fun.

Yes, I'm now officially begging. But it's begging for a good cause, non? the Passing on of Peace :)

passing it on with this one by LonesomeRoadStudio.


  1. Thanks for including my artwork in this awesome blog!

  2. Wow! Your page is such an inspiration! Thanks for the lift.


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