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Feb 14, 2009

Peace (H)art

i_heart_peace-080214a, originally uploaded by beachblogger42.

OK, this one is for all the OMPS newbies...'cuz I blogged this Peace Heart one year ago, on Valentine's Day 2008, so if you've been around that long you' ve seen this one before. But what the'll make you smile again I hope, as it did me.
This one is from Beachblogger :) Just writing that makes me smile. He was our very first Peace Hero on and you can still read all about it there 'cuz that's all there for the forever.

So, starting off this Valentine's Day 2009 the same way I did last year...I am a creature of habit(s).

Beachblogger sells these very groovy stamps on his website. I've passed out literally hundreds...hmmm...thousands maybe $1 and $5 bills with Peace fingers and Peace Signs on them. Some $10s and $20s too :) Anybody ever gotten one of those from their ATM? Lots of them distributed in good ol' Wyoming, some in Denver, Chicago, Boston, LA, Las Vegas and I think that's about it....

Happy, Peaceful Heart Day!
Thanks for this Beachblogger!!!


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