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Feb 13, 2009


peace., originally uploaded by ashlee..

So Zoey went out cruising the flickr Photo Pool...('cuz she noticed that Hotash was out there and it's always fun to go to invite a photo and see that Hotash or someone else has already discovered it and done an invite...makes a person feel part of something least this person)
Anyway...Zoey found this one...and got grabbed by the eyes! Then the Peace sign on the arm...then the peace signs around the neck...then the Peace Eyes once again.
Zoey asked in ALL CAPS "OH PLEASE!" would ashlee add this pic to the pool...Zoey left, came back and there it was.
Zoey smiled.
It's like going out with a little Magic Peace Wand and tapping people on the shoulder, or behind the knee and saying " got Peace. will you share it?" And then having people...just about everyone, truly, that you ask...diving feet first into the OMPS pool.
How cool is that?!?

Thanks for getting wet with the rest of us ashlee :) GREAT Photo!!!

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