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Mar 2, 2010

Baby Peace

, originally uploaded by hails <123.
"Peace Please!"

If every Little learned about Peace from this age on, it'd have to make a difference in the world :)

Teach Peace.

Pass it on, give a do YOU "teach peace"?



  1. Oh! So beautiful! I try to live Peace as much as possible. Children learn by example.

  2. I teach peace by proudly wearing a peace symbol around my neck and telling people why I do that any time they ask :) I teach peace by really trying to be positive to people, even the ones who tick me off. Peace.

  3. I teach peace by flashing the V whenever I can, even to people I think might not peace me back. It's great when they do.

  4. Beautiful, very nice. I love peace. I pray for peace of the world. Its very good work u r doing.

  5. the peace is present at the eyes of the cute baby. What a way of expressing the peace.....really a great picture and good thinking


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