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Mar 1, 2010

Support your local farmers

Support your local farmers, originally uploaded by robertspeg.

OK, so the light is bad, coming from the back...maybe there coulda been some cropping to manage the focus...not a lot of color...and the peace is perhaps understated.

We're blogging this Peace Pic anyway, to throw some peaceful support to local farmers! Not local to us...but local, organic, smiling folks who put food on someone's table, and spread peace in the doing of it!

Thanks to robertspeg for the pic, the peace, and the plea to support your local farmers. Only three weeks left of winter...that means Farmer's Market is almost here...ok, it's three months away, but it's getting closer! Have a salad for dinner. Hug a rabbit.Peace. Pass it on.


  1. Love your blog, and thanks for the shout out. But whoa for a blog devoted to peace that sure is a lot of criticism of the pic.

    Just feeling a little defensive. This is guerilla photography. Photos are not really allowed in the market, and the two sweet farmers posed very quickly. So it's down and dirty. Kinda like farming. I coulda cropped but it was important to show the produce in the pic (at least to me any way).

    That said, I'm gonna go eat a salad and hug my poor bruised ego.

  2. Wait! We love your photo!!! We love guerilla photography!!! Down and dirty :P Please accept our wows and kudos and Peace and support of all farmers. Don't crop the crops! We celebrate with a salad...our bag says it's from Salinas. THANK YOU for the FAB FARMER FOTO!!!

  3. good thinking to get the farmers support and nice photography..... the farmers should be the great support for the peace...and good blog...


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