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Mar 9, 2010

Peace Wreath with VW

Peace, originally uploaded by OC Always.

Very nice find OC Always! Summer of Love VW bus with a Peace Wreath for a Spare...and what's with that monkey (?) hang-dangling from the mirror? If you squinch your eyes right, you can make his body be another peace sign, with the ^ of the windshield wiper sort of extending out...ok, yer right...I'm "stretching"...stretching for peace...and proud of it!

Looking at the Peace Pix here on the blog I see myself gravitating toward People Peace...this is a great reminder that you can stick Peace Signs all over the everywhere...could call this one "Driving Peace" or.... Areatha Peace (A-Wreatha Peace...get it?)

OKAY! Stretching...yeah...well...that'd be me. Passing Peace to Everyone Who Reads This and tossing a Peace Frisbee to OC Always for this quite groovy pic!

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