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Mar 8, 2010


peace, originally uploaded by lullittoosleep.

We like peace...all kinds of peace...'specially peace that sneaks up out of a seeming nowhere and grabs you by the eyes or ears or heart. Thanks lullitoosleep! Where'd you take this?

There's some cool story here...what is it?

Option One: The lady with the hidden smile (see those grin lines?) knows that the pic is being taken, so she's peace-ing the pic taker. The guy in the cap is doing a full two-arm-hold-you-tight hug...and in my story he's unaware of the pic taker. He hasn't seen the lady in a long time...maybe he's never met her...a long-lost someone special one way or t'other. Smiling lady broght the pic taker along and the Peace Sign says "thanks for the's all good."

And they go out for coffee and bagels, (he gets sesame seed, extra cream cheese she gets cinn-raisin with at schmear, toasted) and talk and talk and talk.

That's mine. Yours?


  1. well first and foremost, thanks so much for your interest in the image and your wonderful imagination regarding its tale!

    these two people (do not know their names)
    certainly embodied a peaceful presence and
    i enjoyed meeting them and am grateful for
    their allowance of taking their photo
    (although reluctant at first!)

    i dont know the story, per say. it was quite
    a whimsical moment but i did notice how they
    reached for one another, as if telling the world, 'this is who i love and am happy with'

    they both live on the streets of ventura, ca.
    they shared with me their insights of the neighboring locations, a good burrito, places to take a load off, a trusting initiation from the getgo.

    she was hesitant to look in the camera, and as you so eloquently put 'z', he smothered her in devotion and giddyness. it was a love fest, no doubt about it!

    but once she warmed up to the camera, her presence blanketed the scene. the clarity of spirit surging into me..

    it all came together!
    thanks again for your honor of being a part of this blog, this movement we call peace.


  2. i like both stories of who they are the real and the made up. great shot. isn't it interesting how even without seeing faces and eyes or having any words whatsoever you get what's going on. excellent blog and the website is fun. the photos are a treasure. i hope your get your one million peace signs, wouldn't that be something to say to the dick cheney's and bill cristol's of the world?


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