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Mar 7, 2010

Wet Peace

Wet Peace, originally uploaded by mtsofan.

We pass this peace on to all,
sitting in a room with orange on every wall.

Guess this one should go on which we're getting up there soon :)

White walls...may the house sell to someone who goes in there with a bucket of orange paint! Thanks for thinking of OMPS and adding this to the pool.

What I really wanna say is, what a nice parent to go fill up the car for the kid to go visit his friend! That is one heckuva deal :) Must be a good kid...he cleaned up.

Isn't it just way cool that when presented with a blank wall and a paintbrush and a bucket of paint, this kid decided to draw a Peace Sign!?!? I think it is. We smile at this Random Sign of Peace.

Where's the weirdest place you ever found a Random Sign of Peace?


  1. Xcountry skiing in Indiana, no one around,going through a field of new snow, looked off to my right and there was a huge peace sign stomped out in the field, about 50 feet around. I saw the stamping but didn't make out the peace sign until i had skiied up to a higher point and looked down. Like a hippie crop circle, seemed to have no source and no purpose except to make me smile which it did. No camera.

  2. No i did not find such peace signs before... Really great.... the kid will be much brilliant..and all of us should follow this....


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