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Mar 7, 2010

Worth Repeating

Worth Repeating, originally uploaded by evelyndesigns.

Peace is way worth repeating...let's see, how did this work? evelyndesigns says she was inspired by the hat and scarf set from azhippiechick...looking on flickr, azhippiechick did the invite to evelyndesigns, to get this pic posted to the pool...I'm watching the chicken mango enchiladas I have cooking for the weboing gang, who are working overtime on something or another...figgered I'd tune into the OMPS blog...saw this little piece of peace and how could I not blog it!?!?

Worth repeating, to say the least :P Thank you to all who had a part in getting this li'l peacenik up on the blog and out in the world. May she inspire much peace, and get folks repeating it.

Chicken Mango Enchiladas anyone? They're extra spicy...gotta keep the gurus going until late!



  1. Sounds good, got chips?
    Peace. Love the Blog and the great photos.

  2. Nice! Where's Beachblogger? Haven't heard from him in a while. He's got competition.

  3. I appreciate your thinking very much.... An excellent picture for expressing the importance of peace...some more blogs pls....


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