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Feb 26, 2008

Tequila in her Veins?

myself for peace.
Originally uploaded by purple_onion
This flickr member, Purple Onion, posted her photo with the note that she was currently listening to '18 and life' by Skid Row.

It's for that reason, as well as her funky style and lip ring, that made me stop on this picture. I like her expression - seems like the kind of cat I'd want to hang out with and listen to early 80s hair rock.

I propose a series though - photo one, peace sign. photo two, lighter in the air. Photo three, head bang.


  1. Purple Onion is a Peace-a-holic :) (She also likes her Caramel Fraps at Starbuck's...) If you get a quarter with a Sharpie-induced peace sign on it, it just might have originated in the Starbuck's tip jar somewhere around LA. She finds peace on rocks too...and she's working on one heckuva Peace Hero piece!
    Yer right's a good look...but ouch I say to the lip ring. I am a wimp.

  2. lol i have two lip rings and a septum piercing.

    Im still working on my peace blogs. its not as easy as i thought. I love a challange though. its been raining out here the last couple days so i havent been out taking pictures in the moisture.

    and a sucker for hair and glam metal. skid row, motley crue,thin lizzy, twisted name it!



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