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Feb 21, 2008

Debate and Pizza Party!

And the winner is..., originally uploaded by sashasue.

Yer all invited!

We've got tonite's Obama/Clinton debate TiVoed. (Can't watch ads.)

The wine is uncorked ('cuz I'm sort of unofficially finished working for the day) and the beer's chillin'...'cuz the geeks are still working but close to stopping...

Pizzas are ready to be popped in the oven when I get the high sign. I'm thinking the festivities will start around 8:15, and that's MST.

I will work in between bites and bits on bytes of OMPS stuff...'cuz sometimes you just gotta...we're going to get Rye set up on the Peace in Every Language Page, so if you're bi or multi-lingual, jot down a coupla sentences about peace or OMPS and send it on over to! He'll be asking...surprise him by getting a head start.

If you can't make it for the Debate and Pizza Party, throw one of your just answered the phone and it was a pollster...this is getting pretty exciting!


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  1. Couldn't make it to the Pizza Peace and Debate Partay but it sounds like you have way too much fun passing on peace. I just found this site on a google search. It's amazing. You should spread it around on MySpace. There are a lot of people who'd totally love this site.


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