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Feb 21, 2008

we are the world

the world
Originally uploaded by betmo
'we are the world- we are the children- we are the ones who make a brighter day...'

music brings people together and unites them in ways that can't be measured. in the 1980's, this song raised awareness of ethiopian famine and starvation- and mobilized folks to want to help.

what are some current peace songs that motivate people today?

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  1. go betmo! go betmo! go betmo!
    YEA! Thanks for persevering, and thanks to hotash for teaching alix who taught me who passed it on to betmo! Ain't peace friendly?

    Has everyone seen the music video at It made me cry and got the geeks going crazy with inspiration!

    And as a Recovering Camp Counselor I'm still a sucker for Kumbuya...

    But I"m thinking...thanks for the question betmo!


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